SafetyLas Guard - Specification


A laser safety cabin consists of the SafetyLas Guard System in which the SafetyLas Detector is built in.

SafetyLas laser cabin:

SafetyLas cabin

Individual cabin design by modular wall elements

An enclosure for lasers of class 4 and 3B is required per OStrV, BGV B2 and DIN EN IEC 60825.

A laser safety cabin with a SafetyLas Guard System can be individually designed to will and requirements. Such a cabin is:


SafetyLas Detector

SafetyLas Detector

SafetyLas Detector verbaut im Wandelement


Certified by TÜV SÜD per IEC 61508 for SIL 3


Technical data - SafetyLas Detector


certification IEC 61508:2010, SIL3
PFH < 1*10-8 1/h
operating life 10 Jahre
protection rating IP67
time of reaction < 5 ms
temperature of operation      0 °C bis +55 °C
temperature of storage and transportation - 25 °C bis +75 °C
operational voltage 24 VDC +/- 10%
operational current < 50 mA
protection class PELV
appliance class III
overvoltage category II


More information on the certificate of the SafetyLas Detector.


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