SafetyLas Guard - Technology


The SafetyLas Guard System is the first active laser safety guard system which is fully automatic and developed according to current regulations for enclosures of lasers of class 4 and 3B. It satisfies the requirements of all relevant regulations for safety of machinery and laser safety, e.g. European directive on machinery 2006/42/EC, German regulation on artificial optical radiation (OStrV) and the German BGV B2 accident prevention regulation on laser radiation.

The SafetyLas Detector is the active component of the laser guard system and is certified according to the standard for functional safety IEC 61508 up to and including SIL3 by TÜV SÜD. Additionally, SafetyLas Guard system satiesfies  DIN EN 60825-4:2011-03 Laser guards, Annex D(normative) Laser guard propriety testing.

A laser safety cabin with the SafetyLas Guard System is modular and can be designed as required. This flexibility enables an economic design. An investment in a SafetyLas Guard cabin is sustainable, since it is fit to be used with all lasers.


More information on the specification of SafetyLas Guard.


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